Bride’s Name: Andrea

Date of Wedding: November 2016

Bride’s Vision: For her wedding, Andrea was looking to make a big statement so we created a custom one-of-a-kind back piece to go with her stunning lace dress. The multi-tiered design was centered around a variety of monochromatic gemstones and dainty, gold-filled chain, which was then hand-stitched into the back of her dress.

Colour Palette: Monochromatic purples, plums, and pinks.

Materials: Gold-filled, natural gemstones (crystal quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, and druzy) plated, polished and/or raw.

Budget: Unlimited.

Timeline: 3 months.

Additional Notes: Initial consultations for this design took place via Skype. The majority of the design work was completed in Vancouver, however, due to the detailed nature of the project I attended 3 of Andrea’s dress fittings in Toronto to ensure that I could adjust my designs to accommodate her measurements if need be. In the end, I hand-sewed the back piece into Andrea’s dress to ensure that it was easy to take on and off on the day of her wedding and could guarantee it was a perfect fit. This back piece was also designed to be worn again in the future as a multi-layered necklace.

Absolutely LOVED the stunning piece you created for my wedding <3 <3 <3. You captured exactly what I envisioned. Your passion and talent is unreal, no words!