Crystal Bracelet photo


To get the most out of your pieces:

1) Keep them out of water and be cautious of perspiration.

2) Put on your jewelry after applying cosmetics as they contain chemicals that can damage and fade your piece, this includes perfume.

Depending on your skin’s makeup, brass, copper or gunmetal jewelry may either brighten or acquire a darker, antique patina with repeated wear. While we love the way this looks, you may not. Remember, it is costume jewelry, so your skin’s natural PH and all the above-mentioned factors can affect the look of your purchase over time. However, with care and love you’ll get to enjoy your piece forever.

How should I care for my Mala beads?

Although we know that you love your Malas and you want to take them everywhere, please treat them with care. They are not meant to be worn during intensive yoga practices or any vigorous activity. Treat your Malas with love, respect and sensitivity, as they are hand made. Malas are a sort of rosary and although they may be worn as jewelry to provide a constant reminder to stay focused on your journey, they should be worn and hung with care.

How do I cleanse my beads?

Mala beads and Crystals transmute energy they should be cleansed often (we suggest every 2 months based on wear). You can do so by placing them out in the sunlight, using crystal cleansing or burning a white sage smudge stick. (We use smudge sticks while prepping).

My Mala Broke, What Now?

Yes we know this can be a devastating moment because we become attached to our Malas, having warn them for some time. But, this is actually a positive moment on your current journey.

According to the yogis, once your Mala breaks, you no longer need that piece. Meaning, its a symbolization of a broken cycle and the relationship or karma associated with the Mala is complete. It’s a sign to bring new intentions into your life as your current ones no longer serve you. Celebrate and embrace it!

To move forward we do suggest taking the Mala apart and spreading the beads around your garden or your home. You can up-cycle the beads into another form. Bury it. Whatever you do, do it with love, gratitude and closure.

This is your time!  Find a new focus and a new direction. Have faith that it will take you to a bigger and better place.

Now after all that has been said, we know that this is a tough pill to swallow. So if you are in dire need to fix up your Mala we can most definitely fix the karmic cycle, or rework the piece into something different for you this one time.

Just remember the importance of the Mala breaking and consider that it’s time for you to find a new intention.